Visual Tales

The work of Mykel Rose affords you the opportunity to travel with him and see the world through his vision. 

American Roller Derby

Durning, it's heyday In the 1950's Roller Derby was a popular form of TV entertainment with rehearsed comic violence and pre-ordained outcomes. By the 1970s the sport had lost favor with the American public only to be revived, some thirty years later by women in a grassroots movement to restore the competitive side of the sport with the emphasis on athleticism and a strictly followed set of rules. I became interested in photographing the game when in 2018 I visited a roller derby match, or as it's officially called a "bout", at the San Fernando Valley league arena in Sylmar, California. I surprised by what I saw that evening! Everyone there was having a laugh. And the camaraderie between teams was strong and genuine, something I’d rarely seen in competitive sports. It was unpretentious refreshing fun to watch. Since then I have shot several SFV matches and always discover something new each time. The more I see, the more I understand the dedication and love the athletes have for Roller Derby.