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The work of Mykel Rose affords you the opportunity to travel with him and see the world through his vision. 

Langtang, Nepal

North of Kathmandu on the border with Tibet lays the Himalayan valley of Langtang. The Tamang people who live there are descendants of Tibetans who settled in the valley generations ago.  Over the past 35 years the trekking industry has opened new economic opportunities for Langtang but this came to an abrupt halt in 2014  when a devastating 7.4 magnitude earthquake destroyed or severely damaged  many of the  villages, virtually shutting down the once thriving tourist industry. The people are recovering but it's a slow arduous process, one  that will take years hard work to complete. There are no roads in the valley, only foot paths to transport goods and bring the much needed services to the Valley.  I visited there in 2016 to record the rebuilding efforts. If you or anyone you know would like to experience first hand this beautiful area of Nepal you can contact me through this website and I can provide you with information for your trip.

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