Visual Tales

The work of Mykel Rose affords you the opportunity to travel with him and see the world through his vision. 

Cockpit Country

To many observers, Sabong or cockfighting, is a brutal and bloody sport. Despite this somewhat uncomfortable fact,, cockfighting provides an allure that many find hard to resist. For some, it may be the thrill of the kill though for the majority of participants, it is the waging of bets that draws them in. And although cockfighting is frowned upon in modern Philippine society, this sport is legal with most cities and towns having a cockpit. Filipino fighting cocks have it pretty good while they’re around. The birds are pampered with the best of food, vitamins and exercise to make them strong and fight ready. The wealthy even have personal trainers and veterinarians to care for their investments. I decided I wanted to experience this cultural anomaly first hand and arranged for a young man working at the studio named McCoy to accompany me to La Loma, where the oldest Cockpit in the Philippines is still goin strong.

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